Jet Tranter


In her latest action blockbuster, Occupation Rainfall (2020), Jet Tranter stars as resistance leader ‘Amelia Chambers’, heading the fight against an alien threat to save humanity from extinction, alongside screen veterans Temuera Morrison, Ken Jeong and Aussie co-star Dan Ewing. Never one to back down from a challenge, Jet performed all her own stunts for the film’s action sequences. Working closely with the production team, Jet was also instrumental in creating the alien dialect for the ‘Greys’, the invading alien race in the Occupation series.

Jet is also played series regular ‘Leandra’ in Netflix fantasy crime drama Tidelands (2018). Playing opposite Elsa Pataky, Jet demonstrated her physical and acting prowess as vicious bodyguard and sometimes lover to Adrielle, the half-Siren Queen of L’Attente, and performed all her own stunts during filming of the eight episode series.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Jet’s background as an accomplished martial artist soon led her discovered, landing roles in several productions before co-starring as Australian MMA fighter ‘Cassidy Young’ in Lady Blood Fight (2016) – a female fury martial arts film produced by Voltage Pictures and released internationally.

Since then, Jet has appeared in Marvel’s action-comedy blockbuster Thor: Ragnurok (2017) as ‘Valkeryie Sister’ part of an elite group of Asgardian warriors led by ‘Valkyrie’ (Tessa Thompson). Other notable appearances include her role as ‘Shao’ in Australian television drama Sisters (2017) for Network Ten and in the lead role of ‘Lyssa’ in the emotionally gripping VCA / St Kilda Film Festival Short, Shadow Boxer (2017).